Training Vienna

Where does gender identity start and gender expression end? How do we define our own biological sex? What does society mean with pansexuality, intersexuality and transsexuality? What is my gender and how can I express my own sexuality?

We reflected on these questions this month in Vienna, Austria and based on the success of the training we will do it again. Do you want to be part of it?

From 20th of October – 4th of November 2019, EDGES of Gender took place as a training course in Vienna, Austria. Using artistic photography and corporal expression we focused on all these questions and even more. The aims of the training were to develop a basic understanding on gender equality and inequality, the overall terminology of the four gender dimensions, different forms of discrimination in these areas and to develop new perspectives on possibilities in active participation on gender and sexuality issues.

In different sessions, discussions and workshops, participants had the chance to develop a modern gender-sensitive approach, explore community realities in different countries, religions and cultures and develop their own values and ethics on the topic.

Through Forum Theater and corporal expression participants were able to reflect about their identity and broaden their perspectives.

Artistic photography became the core tool to express facts and opinions in the field of prevention and empowerment, develop skills on visual storytelling on sensitive topics. Furthermore, participants were provided with different digital methods and technologies on how to visualize sensitive and personal statements through artworks as forms and tools for dissemination, promotion and building awareness.

Through a photography marathon, they combined their gathered knowledge in the use of artistic photography with focus on cultural differences and similarities when it comes to gender and sexuality.


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