This course is for teachers and trainers to learn and to create actively high quality Blended Learning courses. The course is competence based and teaches competences for the course creation.

How to create stunning Blended Learning Courses

Taught competences at the course (selection of main competences)

  • Be able to understand the concepts of Blended Learning.
  • Be able to use the theoretical background theory of Blended Learning
  • Be able to develop and structure a defined course with given learning/training outcomes as a Blended Learning Course
  • Be able to implement the basics of a quality framework in the developed Blended Learning Course
  • Be able to develop the necessary tutorial support of Blended Learning Courses
  • Be able to use a learning platform for the Distance Learning phase
  • Be able to split the course into the classroom teaching and distance learning


The course itself is a Blended learning course and contains a distance learning preparation phase and an onsite teaching.

Preparation Phase

The preparation work will be done using the eLearning platforms of the EBI. There, the course materials are provided and most of the theoretical background knowledge is taught. The participants will be able to access them by entering their personal password. They should start thematic discussions in the web forum of the platform (with the help of a tutor). All participants will receive documents with basic definitions and descriptions for doing their preparation work.

In the first phase there are eTivities to solve and developed material is uploaded to a first assessment.

Classroom Teaching (Face to Face)

During the onsite lessons the participants work on the other topics, get assisted by tutors and finish the working program. The onsite teaching takes place in Rome at the DigiLab in modern computer labs. The course is finished by an assessment.

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