New project launched

The EFQBL is partner in a new ERASMUS+ Project DISK. The aim of this project is to develop courses about digital competences for so-called digital immigrants.

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Workshop in the frame of the European Vocational Skills Week

The EFQBL will be official partner of the European Vocational Skills Week. The EFQBL is co-organisator of this event in Rome in November 2020. You may follow the event virtually!

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New research work published

Peter Mazohl published a new paper about a course developed in the frame of an Erasmus+ project. The courses conveys digital competences using digital photography as an engine.

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The “European Foundation for Quality in Blended Learning” is a non-profit association with an increasing number of members. The head of the association is Peter Mazohl. He is a specialist in TEL (technology-enhanced learning, former eLearning) and Blended Learning.


The organisation has three departments:

Research Department

Harald Makl is the head of this department. The research work focuses mainly on new technology-enhanced teaching and training methods (Blended Learning as a delivery method, Flipped learning 3.0) and on the promotion and dissemination of the results of the Quality in Blended Learning Project.
A project unit is focusing on European projects to promote the research results.

Teaching Department

Kathrin Zehrfuchs is the head of the teaching and training unit. She holds a Master’s degree in business & economy and a Bachelor of Education. This enabled the provision of training for VET topics and teachers, trainers, and general Adult Education.
She is assisted by a team of (volunteer) trainers.

Technical Unit

This unit is led by Peter Mazohl. He holds several master’s degrees in science and special education in ICT and programming. He still is a member of the institute for “Analysis and Scientific Computing” of the University of Technology, Vienna. Additionally, he is a specialist in publishing and has run a publishing house with a graphic studio for more than 30 years.
The unit staff includes programmers and multimedia producers to create the necessary tools and learning content either for the courses or in the frame of the projects.

The association is intensively connected with similar institutions and started to establish a network of Blended Learning specialists in Europe.


The consortium members of the Grundtvig Multilateral Project  “Quality in Blended Learning” 539717-LLP-2013-1-IT-Grundtvig-GMP founded the “European Foundation for Quality in Blended Learning” as a means of dissemination. The association started in 2016 with eight involved people, two are researchers and teachers, and the others are teachers, trainers (mainly in Adult Education), and technicians.

Website of the Quality in Blended Learning (maintained by the EFQBL)

Projects and Activities

The organisation is involved in national and European Projects. The most European Projects are in the frame of ERASMUS+.

Field of work

The association’s focus is on modern teaching methods. Members of the EFQBL developed a special method for teaching in ICT supported face2face teaching, which was refined and optimized in the last year. The researchers of the association work in the further development of Blended Learning with a specific focus on learner’s needs. The technicians of the EFQBL maintain several TEL (former eLearning) servers. The pedagogical head of the association is a graduated education system developer and graduated quality manager for educational systems.

Network and Partners

The association is part of a loose network of people and associations working in the field of quality management in eLearning and Blended Learning.

Besides that, social networks are used for presentations and the promotion/dissemination of research results.

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