Conference Thessaloniki (September 2021)

The European Foundation for Quality in Blended Learning is a partner in the VET-NET Erasmus+ Project 609100-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA3-VET-NETPARR. In the frame of the project, three conferences will be organized. The first took place in Rome, November 2020. Now the second conference is planned.   Craft and SMEs VET NET International Online Conference of SMEs Vocational Education […]


The focus of the project is to mainstream mental health and mental health education, giving tools, supporting and engaging youth in the process. Mental ESCAPE uses innovative educational processes and methodologies in participatory processes between youth and youth workers to reach out to youth and citizens that are not the usual suspects of youth work […]

Edges of Gender

EDGES aims to develop a modern gender sensitive approach, support young people on the interface of artistic expression and the gender dimensions, and provide them different digital methods on how to visualize sensitive statements through artworks and spread them. Objectives In all gender dimensions young people are confronted with stereotypes and predetermined gender roles, which […]

DISK Project

The project aims to develop missing digital competences of adults (Adult Education AE with a special focus in so-called ”digital immigrants” which are people disadvantaged in society due to their lack of digital competences DC and therefore count to minor educated people in DC) and to enable them to take an active role in the […]

Craft and SMEs VET-NET

VET systems are characterised by fragmented nature, complexity and a large variety of actors. To be future-proof, European policy initiative need implementation, impact and awareness at grass root level, which require strong cooperation mechanisms, also among VET providers, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of Europe’s economyand society. Digitalisation and technological changes are […]