VET systems are characterised by fragmented nature, complexity and a large variety of actors. To be future-proof, European policy initiative need implementation, impact and awareness at grass root level, which require strong cooperation mechanisms, also among VET providers, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of Europe’s economy and society. Digitalization and technological changes are listed as the biggest challenges but the vast majority of SMEs raises a lack of skilled staff.

About the project

The main aim of the project is to foster, trough a bottom-up process, a shared global vision and specific practical collaborations between VET systems in order to make them more attractive, career oriented, innovative, accessible and flexible, to foster mutual learning, peer counselling, capacity building and exchange of best practices between VET SMEs and Training Networks provided through a virtual learning environment that is based on the mix of formal and informal education.
The project proposes an innovative model of a “Community of VET’s Practices”. The basic structure and program design of the Community are based on the adoption and adaptation of “higher education” models and procedures. The dissemination and communication of the project will take place through Information and communication campaigns also through innovative web tools, Erasmus + platforms, networks and contacts of the participating organization.
The target groups can be distinguished between direct (Craft and SMEs VET Providers, Association of SMEs, crafts and freelancers, Policy and Decision Makers) and indirect (universities, schools, associations and networks of workers.)

The impact is achieved in particular in terms of:enhancement of the ability to participate, development of co-design, collaboration and cooperation skills in virtual and innovative environments, strengthening of professional skills, building a more open, purposeful and effective mutual dialogue with policy makers.

ActivitiesThe platformThe Results
  • The creation of a transnational networking platform.
  • The establishment of a virtual community for the exchange of good practices and experiences, at national and transnational level.
  • The construction of a digital repository of good practices and related information materials.
  • The design, development and implementation of distance learning activities, counselling, and empowerment of network members through community development.
  • The organization of 2 thematic workshops and 1 final conference.
  • Creating a digital publicity platform.
  • The implementation of publicity & networking actions of the project.
  • The implementation of project management and evaluation actions.
  • The organization of transnational working meetings.

The platform is the core element of the future collaboration and networking of VET providers and VET policymakers in Europe.

The programming of the Platform – the core element of collaboration and networking – has been started in January 2020. The first draft of the platform has been filled with the necessary modules during the summer 2020.
The platform is built on WordPress. The necessary functionality is programmed as plugins to the platform. This enables a stable and secure, but extremely flexible tool for the further development of a “Community of Praxis”.
The platform will be presented at the conference in Rome in November 2020.

One of the intermediate results is the workshop “Craft and SMEs VET NET Rome International workshop” – “The future challenges of European C-VET after COVID-19”.
This conference will take place November 10th – 11th, 2020 in Rome.
Venue: National Confederation of Craft and SMEs (CNA) Headquarters, Piazza Mariano Armellini 9/a, Rome, Italy

Project partners

The project will be coordinated by the ECIPA Foundation. The partners in the project are:

  • European Foundation for Quality in Blended Learning (EFQBL), Austria
  • Petita i Mitjana Empresa de Catalunya (PIMEC), Spain
  • Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE), Greece

Project’s Webpage




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