The EFQBL – as partner in the VetNet Projct – will participate at the workshop performed in the frame of the European Vocational Skills Week 2020. The organisation will bring specialists in C-VET and digitalization from Austria for preentations to Rome.
The head of the EFQBL, Peter Mazohl, will attend the workshop and report about the activities in Austria.

The Future Challenges For European Continuing Vocational Education And Training After COVID 19

The Open European Workshop will be a hybrid event both on line (as webinar) and on presence. It falls within the European training initiative and the vocational skills week which takes place during 09-13 November 2020.

Open workshop’s objectives

  • Share competent cross-sector models and VET excellence practices/models for crafts and SMEs
  • Develop a coherent strategy towards the effective transition of SMEs and crafts in new digital and ecological business environment, which encompasses additional environmental and health considerations (e.g. pandemic Covid-19 challenges)
  • Establish a network of cooperation and platform of instruments between national and European counterparts – provide useful insights and recommendations for the promotion of a common and diversified VET policy, based on SMEs needs in line with economy’s and society’s prerogatives.

A list of participants from European organizations, SME associations, unions, research institutes, VET training centres are expected to attend and present their work and experience on the field on VET policies and digital transition.

Registration to the Workshop

Please click on the pictufe above and you will come to the registration page of the workshop!


Austrians and interested people from Austria may contact Peter Mazohl (responsible project manager of the EFQBL).

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