Our mission as an organisation is to define quality fields, quality criteria and a quality framework for Blended Learning. But this is not the only reason of its existence: we also want to evaluate and share our knowledge international. We will be able to manage our mission through taking different opportunities in consideration. That covers:

  • Courses of instruction,
  • collective projects with other European countries and
  • arrangements of congresses and conferences

offer us the best chances to make this mission come true. We are the suppliers, who will give other people a direction of knowledge about a top quality management in the field of Blended Learning.  Learners have to be able to benefit systematically of this knowledge.


We want to reach our aim by setting different objective:

  1. We want to define and set guidelines for Blended Learning
  2. We are the hub for Blended Learning through to defined top quality standards.
  3. We are offering our service defined by an up-to-date Blended Learning Quality Framework to every interested person.
  4. We are offering the knowhow in high quality Blended Learning, which will have an important impact of our all future.
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