This training was organized in the frame of the DISK Project and took place in Fano, Italy.

Aims of the training

The training for the creating and implementation of courses. The training was hosted by the Italian Partner Training 2000. Participants from EDRASE (Greece), Training 2000 (Italy), the University of Porto (Portugal), and EFQBL (Austria) took part in this training (Ebba Ossiannilsson, QOOL, SE missed the training and participated virtually).

The major training content focused on

  • Knowledge transfer on a transnational level and between the participating organisations.
  • Defining guidelines to create the pilot courses.
  • Development of competencies in learner-centered training, the flipped approach, and the heterological approach.
  • Additional knowledge transfer based on learner-centered Blended Learning and quality assurance.

The staff training activity provided the necessary understanding of technical backgrounds and strengthened the skills in creating and providing the planned content and creating courses out of the developed modules.

Training result

The training had an important side effect: It was the first personal meeting in the project after the kick-off workshop! Due to the covid situation, one and a half year only virtual meetings have been possible. 

This training helped the team to come to a satisfying level in the course development. The transnational exchange of experience was extremely valuable and fruitful. Learning about different approaches to course development and checking different approaches to content creation brought the team to a new level.


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