The DISK project started in Autumn 2019 with the Kick-Off Meeting in Wiener Neustadt. Now – two years later – this interesting project foll find its end. 

Closing Meeting in Porto

The DISK-Project cares about the digital competencies of adults. The development of digital competencies of a so-called “Survival Kit for Digital Immigrants” was a specific focus of this project. 15 modules dealing with the daily problems of people with lower digital competencies have been created in the project’s lifetime. They are available as training modules in a MOODLE course now (Currently an account is needed – with the official end of the project also guests will be able to access the content).

Discussions and decisions about the DISK-Project

All partners participated in this meeting. From the Austrian Partner EFQBL, the head Peter Mazohl participated. The major discussions, working fields, and final decisions cvared about the final tasks. The team will finalize all available material by the end of June. This covered formal and typo-based decisions for the final publishing of content (for example, the HTML version of the Competence Map).

Future development of the DISK-Project

The partners implemented several pilot courses during the last year. The pilots were well accepted by the participants and will be continued in the future. The material will be available as Open Educational Resources (OERs) and can be downloaded from the project’s webpage The developed material has adults as a target group. Nevertheless, in Austria, the developed material is offered to schools as well. Teachers may use it for the new subject “Digitale Grundkompetenzen”, which starts in September 2022 (with the next school year).


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