The VET-NET project has reached the stadium of evaluation. Stylianos Mystakidis and Peter Mourtzis developed a four-stage evaluation strategy. In February, the VET-NET evaluation phase started!


The project team of the “Craft and SMEs VET-NET” project will address stakeholders and target groups as defined in the application; these are:

  • Craft and SMEs (Small and Media Enterprises) VET Providers (leaders, directors, managers, coordinator, trainers) and umbrella organizations of VET providers at regional and national / European level
  • Association/organizations of SMEs, crafts, and freelancers (leaders, directors, managers, tutors) at regional and national / European level
  • Policy and Decision Makers at regional, national/ European level

Currently, implemented tasks

Notes from the interviews

Image: Notes taken from the interviews, ready for processing!

The EFQUBL, as the Austrian partner in the project, undertakes the guided interviews (focus groups) with the selected people. The interviews were taken – if possible (there is still the COVID-19 situation in Austria) – face-to-face, but also virtually (using Google’s MEET as a communication tool).

The EFQUBL team will close this task of the VET-NET evaluation phase by the end of February. Begin of March, the Austrian evaluation team will process the collected feedback (from the given answers), will translate the available texts, and bring the data in a well-readable form.

In consequence, the Austrian team will send the ready-made material to the central working evaluation team.

First results of the VET-NET evaluation phase

The first available interviews show interesting feedback. The Austrian team focused mainly on trainers and trainer trainers in small enterprises. Summarizing the feedback, the need for cooperation and networking exists, even if the platform is not so specific for the trainers’ group interviewed in Austria.

The Austrian team will publish the results of the evaluation here appropriately. The next step will be the processing of the questionnaire, sent to approximately 200 registered users of the platform. 

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