Peter Mazohl (on behalf of the project consortium) was invited to the expert workshop on “Key Challenges and Solutions for Promoting Online Training among SMEs in Europe”.

He had the opportunity to present the TIBL-Project and to discuss currently identified problems in education, the position of MOOCs in the educational landscape, the problems of motivation and self-responsibilities of the trainees/learners as well as the use of technology in trainings. André Richier (DG GROW) attended the workshop as a representative of the Commission.

André Richier (in the middle) folllowing the presentations. To the left Darco Jansen (EADTU, NL)

Focus of this meeting was to clear several open questions:

  • What exactly needs to be done and by whom to stimulate the uptake of online training by SMEs in Europe?
  • How should the funding of online training-related initiatives for the workforce be organised?
  • How can online training best complement other (more traditional) forms of training?
  • What are the most promising ways of reaching out to the workforce (particularly within SMEs), to engage them into online training?

In the discussion it turned out that several issues of the TIBL project are also relevant for the training in SMEs and problems identified in the project also occure in other European countries. TIBL’s concept wase done two years ago – this demonstrates that the consortium had a clear vision to the future and identified typical problems of training in VET / C-VET in an very early stage.

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