Discussion at the teaching event: How to use multimedia in courses? Special guest is Andreia Inamorato dos Santos (from the JRC)

In the frame of the TIBL-Project a teaching workshop took place at the head quarter of SAFA (in Seville). Peter Mazohl and Harald Makl attended this event partly as learners, partly as teachers.

One focus was the creation of the MOOC for VET trainers to convey the developed findings of the project. All partners learned about MOOCs, the implementation of multimedia-based content, and the creation of interactive content.

Another item was the use of various frameworks used in the project:

  1. DigiComp 2.0 Framework for Citizens
    This framework recommends the necessary digital competences for citizen (finally all VET learners are this) and the use of these competences for their professional life and also for their training and learning activities.
    Further information about this framework is available from the web page of the European Commission.
  2. E-xellence Framework for course creation
    This framework was first developed by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU), Europe’s institutional network for open and flexible higher education. The framework consists of six chapters, where three of them were found adaptable for the project. these are:

    • Curriculum Design
    • Course Design
    • Course Delivery

    Further information is available from the manual of the EADTU web page. The PDF-manual can be downloaded using the direct link: PDF-Manual E-xellence Framework.

The teaching event was enriched by Andreia dos Santos (from the JRC, the research unit of the commission).

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